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We found a family for shiba dog ♂ apuppy!

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・3Free Vaccines Shots
・Micro Chip
・Rabies Shot
・Breeders Certificate

・pet sheet
・Water bowl
・Food bowl

Peace of mind in Happiness , safety


In Happiness , done before selling the training of the society of the time of the puppy .
If it fails the socialization at the time of the puppy , will not accept any other people or other dogs , you will get a variety of behavioral problems .
You fix it even after becoming adult dog , but it can be very hard compared to the puppy .

Discipline , etc. can be done smoothly after purchase by performing its basic training prior to sale in Happiness .
Please be assured Even if you bought the first dog .
Of course, such as the discipline of consultation after purchase also please feel free to contact us .
Since there is a breeder history more than 20 years of experience , it will feature one- chan , an accurate advice tailored to the home environment .

Toilet training
The most important and very toilet training on that kept the dog .
After the purchase , so do the training in our shop before making a purchase in the Happiness , it is a safe and Rakuchin because it is not necessary to training from 1 !
Excessive barking training
" Excessive barking " of dog that becomes particularly care if it is the environment that housing is dense . Given the trouble to around not know somehow you want to correct that ... But the cause . . Mr. owners that suffer from barking problems and should be many .
There is no need to worry about excessive barking , so we have engaged in a variety of training to get used to the residence of the environment from the time you are in the shop in Happiness . Please be assured .
Hygiene care
Because it is cute puppy of the room what , want to be beautiful . In such a sense, the rack also removes all use the rack for the move , we will disinfect every corner . Puppy weak resistance of infectious diseases , a clean environment is required .
The Happiness we do breeding while relaxing in the aroma in the store .
Care of the sick
Dogs will do a check of the disease in the hospital at the time that all came to our shop . In addition , it is safe because it re- check in before your delivery at the hospital .

Happiness Free Service

ハピネス無料サービス・3回ワクチン無料(2種・5種・7種ワクチン無料)・血統証明書・サークル・トイレ・ペットシーツ・水入れ・エサ入れ・ドックフード・トリミング毎回半額・トイレトレーニング中・無駄吠えトレーニング中 等々

Our amount of money display will be the amount of money exhibition of all-inclusive .

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